What are the daily maintenance methods for electric wheelchairs?

Brand is one of the factors that everyone considers when purchasing goods. With the development and advancement of technology, there are more and more wheelchair brands. Wheelchairs can help more people with inconvenient legs and feet, especially electric wheelchairs.

electric wheelchair

Electric wheelchairs are modified and upgraded based on traditional manual wheelchairs by superimposing high-performance power drive devices, intelligent control devices, batteries and other components. Equipped with artificially controlled intelligent controllers, they can drive the wheelchair forward, backward, and turn. The new generation of intelligent wheelchairs with multiple functions such as standing, lying down, etc. is a high-tech product that combines modern precision machinery, intelligent CNC, engineering mechanics and other fields. For people’s safe use and healthy travel, we must master the common sense of using wheelchairs for the elderly. Here is an introduction to how to maintain electric wheelchairs.

The electric wheelchair is designed and manufactured according to the body shape and riding habits of Chinese people. The backrest is tilted back 8 degrees, and the seat depth is 6 centimeters deeper than ordinary wheelchairs. It generates three-point support for the thigh, buttocks, and back, making the rider’s body more stretched and the ride more comfortable. healthier. High-strength armrests, footrests, push rings and front forks, plastic sprayed frame, sinking toilet cushion, safety belt and commode. Suitable for riders with lower body paralysis.

1. Before using the wheelchair, you should check the screws of the front wheel, rear wheel, standing brake and other parts and the rear wheel spokes. If there is any looseness, please tighten it (the screws of the wheelchair may become loose due to bumpy transportation and other reasons).

2. Check whether the tire is properly inflated. If it is insufficient, please inflate it in time. The inflating method is the same as for bicycles.

3. During the use of the wheelchair, it is necessary to check whether all parts of the motor, screws and rear wheel spokes are loose every month. If there is any looseness, lock it in time to avoid safety hazards.

4. Lubricating oil should be added to active parts every week to prevent inflexibility.

5. After using the wheelchair, use a soft dry cloth to wipe away moisture, dirt, etc. on the surface to prevent rust.

6. The wheelchair should be stored in a dry place to avoid moisture and rust; the seat cushion and backrest should be kept clean to prevent the growth of bacteria.

In addition, we need to learn how to maintain the wheelchairs we use so that they can last longer and create benefits for more patients. The brakes can only be used when electric. Always pay attention to whether the tire pressure is normal. This is relatively basic. Use warm water and diluted soapy water to clean the seat cover and leather backrest. Always use lubricant to maintain the wheelchair, but do not Use too much to prevent oil stains from staining the floor. Perform regular maintenance and check whether the screws and screws are secure; wipe the body with clean water at ordinary times, avoid placing the electric wheelchair in humid places and avoid knocking the controller.

The above is the daily maintenance of electric wheelchairs summarized by YONGKANG YOUHA Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. The elderly should take good care of their electric wheelchairs, try to extend the service life, pay attention to the safety of the elderly when traveling, and master the safety knowledge of the elderly.

Post time: Apr-03-2024