Company Culture - Yongkang Youha Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.

Make Your Life Easier With A Power Wheelchair

Company Values

I. Teamwork: Work together, not against each other

A. Empower others.
B. Good at cooperation, see things not people.
C. Don't let a teammate go down.

II. Acme: There is no second, only the first

A.Open a full map, good at learning.
B. Best performance today is the lowest demand tomorrow.
C. While there is hope, don't give up.

III. Change: Embrace the change, the only constant is change

A.Use your ability to adapt to change, not resist.
B. Open up and establish new methods and ideas.
C. Change does not mean abandoning what is good, but passing on and enlarging what is good.

IV. Integrity: Be honest and trustworthy, keep discipline

A. Be true to yourself.
B. Be open to criticism or improvement suggestions.
C. Refrain from spreading unconfirmed information.

V. Enthusiasm: active service and satisfactory response

A. Respect others, but maintain the image of the team and Youha at all times.
B. Smile at customers' complaints and grievances, never shirk responsibility, and actively create value for customers at any time and place.
C.Consider the problem from the customer's position, and finally achieve the satisfaction of both the customer and the company.
D. With advanced service concept, take protective measures.

Company Mission


Offering innovative, premium products


Enable customers to age gracefully, safely and independently.