How to choose an electric wheelchair suitable for the elderly?

How to choose a wheelchair suitable for the elderly? Today, the electric wheelchair manufacturer will explain to us how to choose a wheelchair.

1. Comfortable only when it fits well. The higher and more expensive the better.

Try to select a wheelchair that is suitable for the physical function of the older generation under the guidance and evaluation of professionals from professional organizations, fully considering factors such as usage and the operating ability of the elderly, to avoid causing physical injuries and economic losses.

2. Seat width

After sitting in a wheelchair, there should be a 2.5-4cm gap between the thighs and the armrests. If it is too wide, the arms will stretch too much when pushing the wheelchair, which will lead to fatigue and the body will not be able to maintain balance and cannot pass through narrow aisles. When an elderly person rests in a wheelchair, his hands cannot rest comfortably on the armrests. If the seat is too narrow, it will wear the skin of the elderly’s buttocks and outer thighs, making it inconvenient for the elderly to get in and out of the wheelchair.

Folding Motorised electric  Wheelchair

3. Backrest height

The upper edge of the wheelchair backrest should be about 10 centimeters under the armpit. The lower the backrest, the wider the range of movement of the upper part of the body and the arms, making functional activities more convenient, but the support surface is small, which affects the stability of the body. Therefore, only the elderly with good balance and mild mobility impairment choose low-back wheelchairs. The higher the backrest and the larger the supporting surface, the greater the impact on physical activity, so the height should be adjusted according to individual needs.

4. Seat cushion comfort

In order to make the elderly feel comfortable when sitting in a wheelchair and prevent bedsores, a cushion should be placed on the seat of the wheelchair, which can disperse the pressure on the buttocks. Common seat cushions include foam rubber and inflatable cushions.

The elderly and disabled people may need wheelchairs at any time, and may even be inseparable from wheelchairs in their lives. Therefore, everyone must choose a good quality wheelchair to purchase, so as to ensure that the elderly can travel safely and securely.


Post time: Nov-15-2023